“…just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It’s a Wonderful Life.”
—Huffington Post
Sinterklaas Send-Off Celebration, Kingston, New York
Sinterklaas Festival Day, Rhinebeck, New York


Sinterklaas Kingston

Activities take place throughout the Rondout during the day. See the schedule of events for details.

The Children’s Maritime Parade starts at the top of Broadway and Garraghan Drive and with the send-off at the dock of the Hudson River Maritime Museum followed by the tree lighting at the Urban Cultural Park.

For Parking, go to the Kingston Library (street parking only, lot closes at 5:00pm) or the Midtown Municipal Lot on Thomas Street to connect with the Shuttle Bus that makes continuous loops to the Rondout. Last bus leaves Downtown at 5:30pm.

Parking is limited downtown at the Waterfront. Parking will also be available on the street at the Kingston Library (gates lock at 5:00pm) and the Midtown Municipal Lot on Thomas Street. A Shuttle Bus will loop from the Library to the Municipal Lot to the Waterfront throughout the day until 5:30pm when the last bus leaves the Visitors Center, 20 Broadway.

Shuttle Bus
Runs from 1:00—5:30pm: 
makes continuous loops from the Kingston Library, stops at the mid-town municipal lot on Thomas St, to the Rondout. Last bus leaves downtown at 5:30pm.

Sinterklaas Rhinebeck

Activities take place throughout the village during the day. See the schedule of events for details.

The Children’s Starlight Parade starts just west of town at the Library and culminates in a Pageant in the town’s municipal parking lot.

Parking on Sinterklaas Day in Rhinebeck: ARRIVE early and park close by! Come and spend the ENTIRE Day with us — performances all day — all over town!

Parking on Sinterklaas Day in Rhinebeck can be DIFFICULT! Buy a raffle ticket and see if you can win your own parking space plus VIP viewing.

If you come later we recommend you arrive by 4:00pm. There’s still lots to do and many of places to eat before the parade steps off at 6pm.

Consider carpooling with friends! It is ecologically a good choice, plus it is fun to come to Sinterklaas with friends. Consider coming to animate a puppet together in the parade. Volunteer here.

Street Parking
Both north and south of the center of town on the neighborhood streets watch for posted NO PARKING areas. There will be several No Parking areas just for Sinterklaas Day.

Please DO NOT block driveways — it is no fun for the folks that get blocked in plus you will be towed & ticketed! That would be a bummer.

There’s a good reason they say: DO NOT park within 30′ of an intersection/stop sign. You will be ticketed because Emergency Vehicles cannot make turns at intersections with cars parked within 30′ of the intersection.

Parking Lots (within a few blocks walk):

Dutchess County Fairgrounds. CLOSED DUE TO SNOW!!

Rhinebeck High School – 45 North Park Rd., Rhinebeck.

Rhinebeck Town Highway Department – Rhinecliff Road, just west of the Parade line up starting point at the Starr Library.